Dec 19, 2009

Imagine millions of people wanting you, screaming for you, desperately.
I always try to imagine how that must be.
All that desperation.

It's really crazy, i never made it to be SUCH a fanatic for absolutely nothing.

I've always been too quiet.
But also, i have sensibility.

I've always been too easily intimidated by the love i feel for anything i really admire. Specially movies, actors, etc.

It's the shyness thing.

But today i'm really not so much inside myself anymore.

But i still have, will always have, that notion, that nothing's worth fanatism.

Though i love SO much anything doens't mean my life depends upon it. No way.

On the contrary, love must equalize things, level them.
Love is democracy, not dictatorism.

So, no fanatism for me, thanks!

1 comment:

Juliana Porto said...

No fanatism for us!
Theses words on a T-shirt!